I am a photographer and musician from Newport, Rhode Island.  I began photographing and printing pictures in my father’s darkroom when I was 7.

I love photographing a wide range of subjects, primarily in black and white, but with a focus on street scenes, architecture, industrial landscapes, and abstract extractions.

For most of my years, I photographed in film but recently converted to digital in 2010.  I am a member of the Island Photography Group, which consists of members from communities on or surrounding Aquidneck Island.

A professional career in photography is a culmination of a lifelong journey.  On a personal note, I am currently working on a collection of night scenes from the Broadway area in Newport.  I am also a guitarist who enjoys writing and performing in my studio as well as with a band that, as of now, has not established a name!

Creating photos, which is a lot like improvising in music, is as much fun as the presentation, which is akin to the audio producer and engineer that brings the soundscape to the real world.  As a photographer, I enjoy being the performer and the engineer.

Thanks for viewing.


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