Photos of Chicago and New York


This is the first of what will hopefully be a continuation of posts based on photos I have taken recently and not so recently.  The impetus for this site is my association with the Island Photography Group, which is, as described on our Google Share Site,”. . . a group of photographers of all skill levels from Aquidneck Island and surrounding communities in Rhode Island.  Currently there are 25 of us who meet each Thursday morning for breakfast and to critique each others’ photos, exchange tips and news and, in general, enjoy photography.”

I am privileged to be  part of this talented group of photographers and will surely become more technically adept and open to new ways of looking at the world as we share images and talk about the inspiration and purpose for them.

I am not a person of words, so, for the most part, I will let the images and occasional titles speak for themselves. The photos shown here are from recent trips to New York City and Chicago, two of my favorite cities.  I am mainly drawn to street shots and obscure sections of the geography that may go unnoticed in many cases.

Thanks for viewing and don’t forget to visit my website for new images, events, and offers posted regularly!:


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